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We provide Web Development and Internet Marketing services.

Web Development & Internet Marketing

Creativity, Usability, Reliability

We deliver results to our clients using proven technology rather than the latest trend. We’re big believers in the power of keeping it simple. Strong communication allows us to work closely and create lasting solutions.

  • Idea Generation

    Communication and a strong understanding is the foundation of all our projects.

  • Design & Build

    We create bespoke concepts & visuals to have the maximum impact.

  • Launch & Management

    We can help reduce your time to market & provide round the clock mangement & development.

Happy Clients

Why Clients love yama solutions

"With Yama Solutions help we've gone from blindly guessing our way around the web to making informed decisions and being able to implement features consistently."

Hanazono Niseko

Creative Director

"Really good analysis, I am particularly pleased with the increase in visitation. This is having a positive effect on sales."

Vacation Niseko


"I don't know how we managed before without you guys, great work!"

Whistler Gym


Our Services

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Web Development

We are a multi-talented team of professionals that share over a decade of extensive knowledge about website design and development for businesses which will ensure your project gets off to a great start!

  • We use Ruby as main programming language and Ruby on Rails as the main framework.
  • We use Heroku and AWS for hosting as they are both proven industry standards which are extremely scalable.

Internet Marketing

For a website to be successful it needs to be easily found, that’s why we provide a digital marketing SEO services which will help you be found ahead of your competitors maximising lead generation.

  • Moz - SEO
  • SEMRush - SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Adwords
  • Tag Manager
  • Search console
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

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How We Can Help

Increase your ROI

  • Creating a new business and need a website? We can help.

    A strong web presence is vital for all new businesses. When a potential customer wants to find out information about your business they will visit your website. This first impression is crucial and dictates whether the potential customer will buy from you or your competitor.

    We can help;

    • Setup your online presence
    • Develop your brand
    • Maximise sales
    • Surpass competitors

    Get a free consultation or find out more.

  • Looking to refresh your website but not sure where to start? We can help.

    It’s not uncommon for businesses to outsource the development of their website to then to find after this has been complete they have no way of updating it or that they are limited in how it can be updated.

    We can help;

    • Transfer website to new platform
    • Add functionality to existing websites
    • Refresh your website look & feel
    • Improve customer experience

    Get a free consultation or find out more.

  • Interested in what internet marketing can do for your business? We can help.

    Organic search, paid advertising, bounce rate, SEO, PPC, KPI. You’ve heard of these terms and you may have even read a couple articles or watched a video but you’re still not sure how it all fits together. Not to worry, Internet marketing is a wide field, you’ve made it this far so you’re on the right track.

    We can help;

    • Provide informed advice
    • Carry out website SEO audits
    • Social media management
    • Paid advertising management

    Get a free consultation or find out more.

  • Looking to drive more customers to your website? We can help.

    Companies are always striving to to increase traffic to their websites. However it’s not always about higher volume, but rather what type of volume. It’s better to send 10 people to your website who are looking to buy your product than a 1000 who are not. Understanding how to target these potential customers is the tricky part.

    We can help;

    • Provide informed advice
    • Carry out website SEO audits
    • Social media management
    • Paid advertising management

    Get a free consultation or find out more.

Our Blog

Our thoughts, insights & tips

November 11, 2018

Working with nonprofit partners and Pledge 1%

As part of the Pledge 1% community, Yama Solutions is proud to offer its web development and internet marketing services to nonprofits to help support their cause.

October 12, 2018

How to create a professional website

There is a lot more to creating a professional website than many people think. In this article we will guide you through each stage.