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What is Pledge 1%?

Since Yama Solutions was founded, we’ve looked for ways to support growing businesses and nonprofits. When we heard about Pledge 1%, we were immediately excited to join their community. 

Pledge 1% is a global movement of businesses that are committed to giving back by donating 1% of their equity, profit, product and/or time to nonprofits and charities. 

Working with non profits - Explain pledge 1%

The Pledge 1% movement was started in 2016 as a special initiative by Tides and, to date, thousands of businesses and organisations in over 100 countries have taken the pledge, including industry leaders like Tech Crunch, Techstars, and Salesforce

We are incredibly proud to be a Pledge 1% partner. We use the resources and experience that the Pledge 1% movement has gathered, to guide us so that we can set philanthropic goals for our company and offer nonprofits the help that they need to thrive. 

What we can provide

Yama Solutions can help nonprofits in two crucial areas: web development and internet marketing. 

Web development services

Does your nonprofit need a better online presence to grow its profile? Or maybe you need a completely new website to better represent your mission and personality?

Whether you need a refresh to your current website or a complete website redesign, we can ensure that you have a beautiful website that communicates your message effectively online. 

We believe that your cause is important and we want to pledge our time to your organisation so that we can help you to succeed. We would be taking you on as a real client, not an afterthought. To make sure that you can continue devoting your time to your mission, we provide an end-to-end web development service which makes working with us as painless as possible. 

Our web development services

When you become one of our nonprofit partners, we take the time to research and understand your organisation- your community, your needs and your vision. From there, we will analyse what your online presence needs. Then we design and build you a custom website that works hard to solve your problems, reach the right audience, and support the vision of your nonprofit. All of our websites use a CMS that includes an integrated blog, page content editor and in app instant messenger so we’re always on hand to provide support.

We understand the high stakes involved in running a nonprofit organisation. Throughout your web development project, we use a range of testing facilities to guarantee the highest quality results for your website. With Yama Solutions, you can rest easy knowing that your nonprofit is in safe hands. 

For more details check our web development services page.

Internet marketing services

Would you like help developing your marketing strategy? Or advice on launching a new online fundraising ad campaign?

First and foremost, a nonprofit website must be targeted at the right audience. From the beginning of our collaboration, we work with you to define the ideal audience for your nonprofit, so that we can choose the right tools to reach them. We can help you to develop and/or improve your marketing strategy, so that you are not only reaching your target audience, but expanding your reach to grow your brand and your community.

Our internet marketing services

Our knowledge is at your disposal, we'll provide assistance in all those areas you struggle with as well as advise you on key internet marketing tools including SEO, social media management and content marketing. With these marketing tools, you will improve your search ranking, boost your name recognition and add even more credibility to your organisation.

Plus, we can help you to implement effective geo marketing strategies, so that you can focus your marketing strategy on a particular geographic area that is relevant to your cause. 

Read more on our internet marketing services page.

Our partnerships are your partnerships

We know that strong relationships with trusted partners are key to the success of any business or nonprofit. That’s why we work with people that we trust to do a good a job for your organisation. We invest time and attention to ensure that our work is of the highest standard, our process is strong and our partners are happy. That way, our clients know they can trust us with their online presence and their goals for their future. 

We’re very happy to share our strong partnerships with you and provide you with an introduction to any of our excellent partners.

For example, as part of the services we provide for your nonprofit, we will look at important details like photography and video. Great images and compelling video can be vital tools for attracting new supporters and consolidating your network. And we want to make sure that every element of your website and your online presence fits with your overall mission statement.

We have built a strong partnership with the Newcastle based, creative media agency, Media Borne. They are experts in photography & video production services, and they can help to transform your website and your marketing campaign into sure fire winners. As one of our non-profit partners, you will benefit from their skills and all of our strong partnerships, as well as our inhouse experience. 

What we’re looking for
 in a nonprofit partner

Are you a registered UK nonprofit that is looking to refresh or redesign your website so you can grow your organisation? Or a non-profit looking for advice on a new internet marketing strategy to reach a wider audience?

We would love to hear from you. 

As an independent business ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to grow from a small outfit to a larger organisation. We have first hand experience of growing a business and we want to share that with you to help you achieve your vision.

For examples of our web development work, check out our portfolio. We are very proud of the work we’ve done for leading businesses like Hanazono Niseko, MediaBorne and Roam Free Campers. As you can see, the websites we designed and built for them are easy to use, SEO optimised and perfectly targeted at their audience. 

Get in touch!

If you are a UK registered nonprofit who is in need of web development and/or internet marketing to continue to grow, then we are the IT consulting company for you! We're based in Newcastle, in the North East of England, so for any nonprofits also based in that region, our knowledge of the local area might be particularly useful'

We would love to have a chat with you, so get in touch and we can arrange a good time to talk through what you need. 


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