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Roam Free Campers offers affordable campervan rentals to those looking to road trip around British Columbia, Canada.

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Integrated booking system - Roam Free Campers

Integrated booking system

One of the main drivers for the website redesign was to provide an integrated booking system. The previous booking tool would redirect visitors to a third party website and had limited customisation. In order for us to create a true seamless booking workflow for users we integrated directly with the campervan rentals API. This allows us to provide a fully customised secure booking experience to the user. We’re able to minimise the time a booking takes by only capturing essential information from visitors which in turn leads to an increased number of sales. Having full control over the workflow also means we can add convenient booking widgets across the site such as embedded in the blog. 

Bespoke web design - Roam Free Campers

Bespoke design to match the brand

As with all our websites we started off with a blank canvas and a conversation with the client. From here we were able to build a clear picture of exactly what the client was looking for, who the target audience was as well as what the best way was to tell Roam Free Campers story.

SEO copywriting - Roam Free Campers

SEO optimised content creation

It’s all very well and good having a great looking website with useful features, however if that same website is not complimented with professionally written content then it can end up acting like a fine piece of art hidden away in a fault. A websites ability to rank within search engines, and therefore be found by potential customers, is seriously reduced when content is not optimised for SEO. Not to mention the fact that badly written content can negatively impact your brand. The Roam Free Campers team made the wise choice of having all their content written and optimised by a professional

Responsive web design - Roam Free Campers

Responsive to any device

No matter what the device, browser, location or form factor we’ve created Roam Free Campers website to present the interface to the user in a consistent and accessible manner. This is especially important for the integrated booking system, the workflow should be straight forward and simply, regardless of what the user is using to view the website.

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Roam Free Campers website rebrand - after
Roam Free Campers website rebrand - before

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